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It can be a little nerve-wracking if you have a tooth extraction appointment coming up. To help calm your nerves,


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Broken, chipped or missing teeth can affect your child’s oral health. Learn more about how you can get their smile

How Does Oral Health Affect Overall Health?

Most people know that in order to stay healthy, we have to take care of our bodies-eating nutritional foods, exercising

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Tooth decay is such a...pain. If your child is experiencing the early symptoms of this condition, here’s what you can


Your child’s early experiences at the dentist can help shape the future of his or her oral health. If you’re

4 Ways Dentists can Improve Your Smile

The incredible benefits of a great smile shouldn’t be missed out on. Dentists know just how to fix whatever you

Basics and Good News About Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is routinely performed at dentists’ offices everywhere. However, the mention of a root canal causes fear and

Everything you Did and Didn’t Know About Your Toothbrush

Your dentist cares about all aspects of your dental health, including your use of a toothbrush. Twice daily brushing is